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Thread: not really ASP, but please help!

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    Sorry to post this question here, but i&#039;ve tried MS support (not v. helpful at all) - and there&#039;s so many knowledgeable people here... now that i&#039;ve buttered u up.....<BR><BR>I have an application that is partly web-based (ASP). Currently i have an Acess 97 DB with a VB6 frontend. I need to convert the Access db (company policy) to SQL server in order to implement the web side of the application, however i still need to administer the VB6 front end (locally)!<BR><BR>I&#039;ve changed the connection within my VB6 code to connect to SQL, however i am using &#039;data&#039; objects in order to control my data and associated text boxes etc. My problem is that the &#039;Connect&#039; property of my &#039;data&#039; object does not give me the option to link to SQL - only Access, Paradox, Dbase etc....<BR><BR>If there are any VB6 gurus on this *fantastic* forum, then i&#039;d very much appreciate any comments/tips/advice?? <BR><BR>Forever gratefully<BR>Amanda

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    u really do know how to get people to respond to ur posts!!!<BR>i&#039;m not a *guru* in VB but u could try creating a DSN linking to ur SQL server database and using it in VB....<BR><BR>i think u can also setup a connection to SQL server through the &#039;Data view window&#039; in VB......<BR><BR>-good luck<BR><BR>

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