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    I am working on the same kind of message board like this one. But I was stuck when I tried to display parent - children levels in a thread. I try to make recordset array inside the loop but it didn&#039t work because I don&#039t know exactly how to do this. My plan was each time when I look for next reply create a new recordset. My question is: if somebody have experience with message board please let me know if there is other easiest way to do this. More I think about my message board, more I make myself confuse.<BR><BR>Thank you

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    hi<BR><BR>the more u thing about it the more confused u will be so go to either of these sites and u can choose from one of the messageboards<BR><BR><BR>www.asp101 .com<BR><BR><BR>hope this helps<BR><BR>regards<BR>

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