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    Hi All,<BR> I want to write a program in ASP/VB that reads a database table and retrieves a set of records depends on the search condition , and sends email to email id&#039;s in records, no. of records may too high, it is for an Intranet. In that intranet there are around 4 Exchange servers.<BR><BR>so is there any way to detect which the free server and route mail through that server, i planned to use CDONTS for mail sending, if it is not possible to detect free server with CDONTS please advise whether there any other component or feature that does this.<BR><BR><BR><BR>Thanks In Advance<BR>Anil

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    You could probably use CDO (not CDONTS) to do this. <BR>Or you could check out W3 JMail wich has "advanced massmailing features." , i belive it just places the mail in the SMTP-spool and lets the MTA do the work ... havn&#039;t tried that feature yet though.<BR>http://www.dimac.net

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