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    Anjali Guest

    Default not working in Netscape is not working in Netscape.Solution for it ?

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    Adrian Guest

    Default RE: not working in Netscape

    Did you type the whole string:

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    Anjali Guest

    Default RE: not working in Netscape

    I am using within a javascript function , so there is no need to use I tried to use it , but still it is not working.

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    Default SHOW CODE

    it DOES work in netscape, but you&#039;ve probably got something wrong in your code<BR><BR>j

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    Anjali Guest

    Default RE: SHOW CODE

    You are right.There is something wrong with the code.My code is :<BR><BR>var newWin =,&#039;newWin&#039;,options);<BR><B R>I am letting the user to select the url with the help of Browse button.And url here is the path of a gif file existing on the hard disk of user or somewhere else - like c:/anjali/candle.gif (in this case it is not opening the window) or \machinenamefilescandle.gif (in this case it is opening the window but not showing the gif).<BR><BR>I tried to hardcode the url like - http://rainwork/adminlogin.asp.In this case it does open the new window and the file also in it.<BR><BR>What to do for that ? <BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>

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