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    I&#039;m currently building a shopping cart and have been reading about the dictionary object. Would it be wise to implement this (I just need something that works). My site has a "buy" button that when clicked it takes you to the shopping cart and imports the details of the product through the query string and a database. but it doesn&#039;t save the product there. take a look at " "<BR>(some of the info in the cart is static, used for design)<BR><BR>Any comments would also be helpful<BR><BR>Regards<BR>Adrian

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    Adrian,<BR><BR>Great looking design, well done :)<BR><BR>I wouldn&#039;t use a dictionary object to store your session (cart) information.<BR><BR>Store it all in the database and track it with a Cookie or Session Cookie. Cleaner, Safer and More Scalable.<BR><BR>There is an FAQ on the perils of persisting a Dictionary object in a session cookie, apparently it&#039;s evil or something.<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Darren<BR>[ ]

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