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    I am looking for some Direction. I would like to use an ASP script to read a form result email into a Database. Is this possible and if so, can someone give me any suggestions to a start.<BR><BR>I know this seems simple, "Just have the form connected directly yo a DB". We are in the middle of designing our intranet, and have these apps on there already. But this is coming from an Apache Web Server at our ISP, and we want to use the form results on our Intranet. The form results are coming from the Internet site, and need to be posted in a searchable format on the Intranet. So I need them in a Database.<BR><BR>If there are any suggestions please provide them.<BR><BR>Thank you in Advance,<BR><BR>Mike

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    First it would seem you will need a way to retrieve the emails from your ASP you may want to try the EsPOP component available at (no I am not affiliated with them in any way, besides the component and the source code are free). Once you have retrieved the emails it should be a simple matter of parsing the emails and adding the data into your database. Good luck!

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