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    Hi I recently came up with a ASP password protection sheme for one of my sites<BR><BR>basicaly a user enters a password on a form...the form passes the password to an ASP page which queuries a databse , and check to see if the password maches the one in the database. If it does it places a cookie on the persons system. All the password protected pages basically have ASP code above the html tag...that check for the cookie..if its present it uses IF/ELSE/END IF statements to shoot the correct html to the browser ( if pcookie is present it displays the protected page, if not it displays another &#060;html> set that tells the user they dont have access )<BR><BR>Problem is it works great in all versions of IE I have tried, and doesn&#039t work at all for netscape...when you put in the correct password. <BR>Any Ideas or suggestions would be helpful.<BR><BR>Thanks LC

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    I&#039m having a similar problem. it seems that the cookies which I set to expire in one month works correctly for IE, but for Netscape it works only for a few hours. Does anyone else have this problem?

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