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    Hi,<BR><BR>After opening pop-up window with javascript, is there any way I can click link on the popup window and the main browser is directed to designated page?<BR><BR>For example,<BR>on a.asp, user clicks on a link and open popup window. the user clicks on another link IN THE popup window, and a.asp of the main browser goes to b.asp.<BR><BR>Can anybody help me implementing this?<BR><BR>THx much in advance!<BR>

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    There are *MANY* ways to accomplish this, but all of them involve using JavaScript *in the browser*.<BR><BR>For a lot of help with JavaScript, you could start by looking at the JS FAQ at http://www.irt.org<BR><BR>Incidentally, the quick and dirty way (that might be *too* quick and dirty) is to do<BR>&nbsp; &nbsp; document.opener.location = &#039;http://www.disney.com&#039;;<BR>in JavaScript.<BR><BR>But read about other possibilities.<BR><BR>

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    Default http://www.wsabstract.com/script/cut105.shtml


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