chilisoft + linux != access db's?

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Thread: chilisoft + linux != access db's?

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    Default chilisoft + linux != access db's?

    My server is switching to linux, and since our site is in asp, we installed chilisoft. This should have worked, but now someone said that our MS Access db&#039;s won&#039;t work. I thought chilisoft took care of that? I found no reference on chili&#039;s site on it either. Do we have to do a mad dash conversion to SQL (perhaps even php on the long run) or does anyone know what to do?<BR><BR>Thanks, - Leo

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    Default MICROSOFT+ linux != access db's!!!!

    Access only runs on Win32 platforms. Period. I guess you *could* remotely access a Win32 server from Linux to get to the Access data (shudder), but that kind of defeats the purpose of moving platforms.<BR><BR>MySQL is a freebie database that runs well on both Win32 and Linux and is *usually* the way people migrate to ChiliSoft ASP. The other option is PostGres and there are of course other "bigger" (read $$$) options.<BR><BR>Best way to get help with ChiliSoft ASP is to visit the online messageboard at or to email questions to <BR><BR>I&#039;m still out recovering from surgery or I&#039;d pass on your questions directly. But, really, in this case the problem is simply that Microsoft refuses to license Access for any non Win32 platform. Several companies have *talked* about at least being able to *read* .mdb files, but so far nobody has done it well enough to be usable. It&#039;s not trivial, as there&#039;s a *LOT* of "history" in Access. And I don&#039;t think anybody could ever duplicate the SQL syntax that Access supports, since it is built on top of "Visual Basic for Applications" and *that* is a pretty large and pretty hairy technology. You might get 90% or even 95% of the way there, but to be truly compatible you&#039;d also need to be "bug compatible" with all the foibles and oddities of VBA.<BR><BR>

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