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    I have a VB com component with a function that reads a string from a file.<BR>If the client for this is in VB, it works perfectly.<BR>If the component is called from ASP under IIS in NT, it says <BR>path/file access error.<BR>why is it so?

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    I&#039ve done a couple VB ActiveX DLLs here at work. I always put them in the INetPub directory, but a co-worker has had success actually adding them to his project. I suspect that if the DLL is placed *above* the INetPub level (for example, in WinNT or System32, it cannot be used by IIS..<BR><BR>Good luck!<BR><BR>Mike

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    I dont agree with that. If the DLL was not registered properly, your program wouldn&#039t be able to instantiate an object in the first place. Check the system ath variables to see if your application is searching in the right path. The web server path would be different and you must use SERVER.MAPPATH to dynamically determine the path<BR><BR>

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