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    I have 3 frames: top, main, bottom. From the main frame the user can click a thumbnail to see a big pic of the product.<BR><BR>This big pic opens without the frameset:<BR>&#060;A HREF=""bigImg.asp?picID=" & rs("picID") ""&lang=nor""TARGET=_top&#062;<BR><BR>Now when the user clicks the back button I want them to return to the frameset BUT not reloading it (which will bring them to the frontpage of the site).<BR><BR>This works about half the time, but how can I force the browser to cache what I want?

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    This is why I hate working with frames. Sorry, I don&#039;t have the answer, other than &#060;meta http-equiv="expires" content="never"&#062;. <BR>If you set up your top frame to handle querystrings, you can possibly do it. Maybe...

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