Passing values between multiple forms Viewstate?

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Thread: Passing values between multiple forms Viewstate?

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    Dan Elebash Guest

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    ASP verse ASP.NET?<BR><BR>One method in ASP<BR>If you have a multiple page application say 4 pages, 1stpage.asp you gather some info and post it to 2ndpage.asp then you would store values from 1stpage.asp in hidden fields and post 2ndpages.asp to 3rdpage.asp and repeat this until you posted the last page to the database.<BR><BR>How do is this accomplished in ASP.NET, I understand how the ViewState works when you are posting back to the same form and that is great, but can this help if you are posting to another page.<BR><BR>What other methods are available for doing this type of operation? Could you store the information after each post in the dataset or other component but don&#039;t update the database until the last page, will this method work in a webfarm?<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    Rob Guest

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    Just do it the way you normally would.<BR>Applications like this are not exactly what .NET was built for.<BR>The goal of .NET is to remain in one spot and do everything.<BR>But I assume you may be converting.<BR><BR>If you are using multiple pages why don&#039;t you just use hidden fields like you normally would? Other than that it is back to the database.<BR><BR><BR>Rob

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