I have a form that posts to an asp page, that basically hits the db with the customer, userid and password and then checks the returned recordset to see if it is EOF and BOF, and let&#039;s the user in if it is not. Pretty straight forward stuff. Now, one client has 5 machines out of 6 that cannot log on. I ran debug code and spit out the form values and the recordset values, and added specific querystrings to the two possible redirects. The form values do not have any extra characters, and the recordset returns valid data. However, when the response.writes are commented out, the user is redirected to default.asp WITHOUT any querystrings, and just before the redirect, IE flashes a &#039;Action Cancelled&#039; message?! Has anyone seen anything like this before? What could be &#039;canceling&#039; the action? I checked IIS and the timeout is 900 seconds, the security is anonyomous access only, everything looks fine. <BR>Thanks for any possible suggestions, <BR>SamC <BR>P.S. I know that this is a repost, I waited the requisite hour before doing it.