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    Jim Chisholm Guest

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    I have created an ASP shopping cart but would like to list multiple level sub-categories as well. Can anyone recommend an example displaying how to do this simply. <BR><BR>I have set up the fields in the DB as CategoryID, CategoryName, CategoryParentID and IsParent. With these fields I wanted to be able to click on a category and display its sub categories and any products in that category and so on. I also needed to include a &#039;back one level&#039; link.<BR>When you come to the last category, ie. a category where IsParent=false category listing should stay the same.<BR>

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    Norman Goh Guest

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    Try this site, I think it might be what you are looking for. I just found it today:<BR><BR>Would you happen to know how to insert fields entered from a form on a single page into an Access database that has several related pages? I want to be able to submit a form and have the details entered into its respective tables in the database. Any ideas? Would greatly appreciate it.

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