I saw a similar Question on the board, but was not completed, <BR>so following is my stored procedure: <BR><BR>I tried to pass in @product_title (test case: "for your mind") and leave 2 others as Null, <BR>I got a syntax error - Incorrect syntax near &#039;you&#039;. <BR><BR>Help Please!!! <BR><BR>****************************************** * <BR>Alter PROCEDURE lrc_getProductAndRtDate <BR><BR>@sortCol char(50) = Null, <BR>@sortOrder char(10)= Null, <BR>@product_title char(50)= Null <BR><BR>AS <BR> declare <BR>@sSQL varchar(1000) <BR><BR> If (@product_title Is Null) <BR> EXEC(&#039;Select distinct p.ProductID ProductID, p.Title Title, p.Status Status, od.ReturnDate ReturnDate <BR> from Product p left outer join OrderDetail od on p.ProductID = od.ProductID &#039; + &#039; &#039; + @sortCol + &#039; &#039; + @sortOrder) <BR><BR> Else <BR> EXEC(&#039;select p.ProductID, p.Title, p.ISBN, p.CategoryId, p.DateInventoried,p.SupplierId, p.Price, p.unitLoaned, p.Available,p.Stock, p.Status, od.ReturnDate <BR>from Product p left outer join OrderDetail od on p.productId = od.productId where p.Title = &#039; + &#039;" &#039; + @product_title +&#039;"&#039; ) <BR>