I brought ASP working code from a live server to a test server and the stored procedures won&#039;t fire from the test server. <BR><BR>Hint: This is the connection string that won&#039;t work on the test server...<BR><BR>&#039;Application("Billpay_Connec tionString") = "DRIVER=SQL Server;User Id=BPMember_Old;PASSWORD=paymybill;SERVER=SQL7;DAT ABASE=billpay_old;Trusted_Connection=No"<BR><BR>Th is is the one that will...<BR>Application("Billpay_ConnectionString") = "DSN=BP_old;UID=BPMember_Old;PASSWORD=paymybill"<B R><BR>Anyone know why this is so? <BR><BR>(I ran Microsoft&#039;s Component Checker and the live server showed as having 2.5 and the test server had 2.5 sp1. 2.5 what I don&#039;t know, either MDAC or ADO version). Thanks! <BR><BR>