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    Once I create an ASP display of a bunch of data from a database (not a problem), I want to then e-mail the client the data in an Excel spreadsheet format. The spreadsheet would be a stand-alone file no longer associated with the database. Has anyone ever done this and would be willing to share the necessary code? Thanks..

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    Use Html codes to develope a spreadsheet using table , tr and td<BR>Then store them as a string -- containing HTML, DATA and other relevant deatils. In the Mail attach the string as Body of the mail so that when it is opened the string is connverted to HTML code and table is displyed with values.<BR><BR>ex= Mail.body = strtext<BR>strtext = "&#060;html&#062;&#060;body&#062;&#060;table&#062; "<BR>strtext = strtext & "------------"<BR><BR>Do while rsSomething.EOF ( this is to get the values from database and store in the html)<BR><BR>strtext = strtext & "&#060;td&#062;" & &#060;%=rsSomething(""Name"")%&#062; & "&#060;/td&#062;<BR><BR><BR>Loop<BR><BR>Ma y be this can give you an idea<BR>

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