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    Jillu Guest

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    I am wondering How to invest my time regarding .net.<BR>Should it be c# or Vb.net for developing ASP+ pages.<BR>I find only thin sect of folks using Jscript for ASP pages, will this be the same story for the next generation cuz C# syntax is pretty similar to C or Java for that matter!<BR>I appreciate your comments.<BR>

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    Rob Guest

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    What are you used to using already?<BR>It is a personal choice. <BR><BR>Are you currently writing ASP apps?<BR>What are you using?<BR>If you are using VBScript you would be wise and save much time doing them in VB since it is very similar (but more strict)<BR><BR>If you know C++ and are just starting ASP, use C#. It can&#039;t hurt.<BR><BR>JScript won&#039;t be that big with .NET either. It&#039;s only supported because so many people wrote ASP in JScript. And it is Microsoft&#039;s :)<BR><BR>Choose your weapons but my siggestion is the stay on the battlefield most familiar with<BR><BR><BR>Rob<BR><BR>

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    Jillu Guest

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    [ Jillu: Please don&#039;t post multiple times! The edit facilities on these moderated boards is painfully slow, so it takes a while to wipe out all your extra posts.]<BR><BR>Thanks rob.<BR>Yes, I do use Vbscript for writing ASP pages but I don’t mind venturing into C# if it can help in progressing my career.<BR>Yeah personal preference counts a lot but I don’t mind facing a learning curve if that’s going to soup up my pay :) <BR>

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    wevjen Guest

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    There really isn&#039;t going to be much of a difference between the choices of languages for the .NET platform as far as functionality goes. As MS says, it is more a matter of lifestyle choices (whatever you feel comfortable with). I would say that in starting out, if you are from a Java or C background, then take the C# route. If you are from a VBScript/ASP or Visual Basic background then take the VB.NET route. If you have a lot of time on your hands and really don&#039;t have many hobbies, except computing, then do both! ;-)<BR><BR>Bill Evjen<BR>St. Louis .NET User Group<BR>http://www.stlnet.org/

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