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    I have to make a web page which will update a page if there is a problem in an area. For example if there is a problem in area1 then change the link from normal.html to problem1.html. i was thinking to do this i could have it check a database to see if there was a problem for the area in it, if so it would display make the link problem1 instead of normal. But my problem is that there are around 53 links. Wouldn&#039;t this take alot of processing? Anyway i hope i explain myself some what well.. i&#039;m open to any ideas.. thanks..<BR>--BD--

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    Default Design the database right...

    Put the URLs into the database. When there is a problem, change the URL in the database.<BR><BR>If you want to keep the old URL for when the problem is resolved, just use two fields: NormalURL, CurrentURL.<BR><BR>The you can use SQL to change the state of a given record:<BR><BR>TO REGISTER A PROBLEM:<BR><BR>UPDATE table SET CurrentURL = &#039;problem.html&#039; WHERE someRecordIdentifier=17 <BR><BR>TO "FIX" THE PROBLEM:<BR><BR>UPDATE table SET CurrentURL = NormalURL WHERE someRecordIdentifier=17 <BR><BR>Anyway, now you just do<BR><BR>SELECT CurrentURL FROM table<BR><BR>and then use GetString to convert the entire recordset into your HTML in one fell swoop! <BR><BR>

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