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    Bob Newsome Guest

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    When I try to execute a line like:<BR><BR> objRS.("comment") = ""<BR><BR>then:<BR><BR> objRS.update<BR><BR>I receive the following courtesy message:<BR><BR> [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access 97 Driver]<BR> Field &#039;survey.comment&#039; can&#039;t be a zero-length<BR> string.<BR><BR>I am trying to update an Access97 database field<BR>and after running the HTML form field contents<BR>through a filter removing commas, carriage<BR>returns, etc. I might end up with a zero length<BR>variable if the submitted field is empty. I know<BR>the obvous answer is to test for zero length and<BR>not update the field. The problem is how do I<BR>restore the database field to an empty state if it<BR>already contains something?<BR><BR>I would prefer not using a space character or<BR>something similar.<BR>

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    Nils Bilhorn Guest

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    Use null

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    Bob Newsome Guest

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    Thank you Nils, worked like a charm.

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