I am attempting to filter out certain nodes of an xml file and transform those nodes.. with this code:<BR><BR>var selectedNodes = xmlMenuData.selectNodes("//LEVEL3[ID = " + ID + "]");<BR> var holderNode = currSideMenuData.createNode(1,"TOP","");<BR> holderNode.insertBefore(selectedNodes.item(0).clon eNode(true), null);<BR> <BR> alert(selectedNodes.item(0).cloneNode(true).xml);< BR> alert(selectedNodes.item(0).cloneNode(true).transf ormNode(xmlSideMenuStyle.documentElement));<BR><BR ><BR>the second alert from the bottom returns the exact XML i want, however the next line (transformNode) returns EVERY item in the original XML file.. I AM LOST.. any ideas.. been struggling with this for almost 1 week