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    Hello,<BR><BR>I have attempted to use a dictionary object to help to transfer around some session variables. I know that session isn&#039;t the way to go in most cases, but this project doesn&#039;t need to be scaled past a few hundred users.<BR>What I have done is place about 15 or 20 variables into a dictionary object. Then, I&#039;ve taken this dictionary object and placed it in the session for later use, but there is a strange problem I&#039;m encountering....<BR><BR>When I remove this dictionary object from the session, and set it to another var name, and decided i want to print these values to the screen, I get a whole lot of garbage on the regular wingwing characters. I have noticed that the numerical values can someones come through. This seems to happen at random times. I can&#039;t see to determine any sort of system which makes both the strings and the numeric values appear clearly.<BR><BR>Are there any pitfalls to what I am doing, or perhaps do I need to do some creative casting?<BR><BR>thanks<BR><BR>Courtknee

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    Default *NEVER* put dictionary in Session...

    If it works, you are lucky. But even if it works you are creating a *horrible* bottleneck on your server!<BR><BR>There are many, many articles on this on the various Web sites. MSDN knowledge base, of course. But a lot also on and others.<BR><BR>Time to change how you are doing things. You are just asking for any trouble you have.<BR><BR>

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