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    AJS Guest

    Default Reloading page

    Hello,<BR><BR>I will have 2-3 users accessing a page listing info from a database (Access). If one of them updates the database, is it possible for the page to be reloaded on all of the users computers, therfore having access to all info.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR><BR>AJ

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    Default Not Really,

    The only way in which I know you can set pages to refresh is using the http header refresh. Which would set the page to refresh every what number of seconds and would be a high overload on your server. Keeping data accurate is difficult, but you cannot force browsers to refresh based on changes on the backend...<BR><BR>Wallace

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    Jason Guest

    Default That would be great though, huh!

    My real time stock quotes project would be a breeze if that were the case.

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    AJS Guest

    Default Would this work, and if yes how

    Thanks guys,<BR><BR>Is there anyway that an icon could appear at the bottom of the windows screen indicationg that the database has been updated. Something like the mail icon used with microsoft exchange when a new u get new mail<BR><BR>

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