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Thread: Database and Front Page permissions.

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    Default Database and Front Page permissions.

    How do I set the permissions so that browsers can update the information in the database, but can't open my site and edit it with Front Page. If I set the site directories to RWXD the database applications work and visitors can add/edit info in the database related to their user name. Unfortunately, any site visitor can open the site and edit it. Not Good! If I set the directories to RX, then visitors can't open the site, but they get a CANNOT UPDATE - DATABASE IS READ ONLY error whenever they try to write to the database. Basically, how do I allow visitors to execute scripts that write to the database without them having Author permissions for the web?

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    that depends on which version of FP you are using. I recomend breaking the 98 cd and giving it to file 13! with 2000 you can set the options so it will not alter the coding you have created or edited.<BR><BR>hope it helps<BR>chris&#060;pixelmonkey&#062;:D

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