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    &nbsp;<BR>I need some help with setting up security for an Access 2000 database I created. I created a database (database A)in Access 2000 and have setup a DBA user account with password and another user account with a different password. I am able to log in both ways with a few problems.<BR>I only want these 2 user accounts to be available for this particular database, which means that if I create another database, I don&#039;t want the logon box to come up and prompt me for login. Currently, no matter what database I open up in Access it is asking me to login with the user account info I created for database A. I only want the login for database A but do NOT want any login for database B, C, D, etc. How do I tell Access 2000 that the user accounts DBA and User are only for Database A and only when Database A is accessed, then and only then should the login box appear and require signin.<BR><BR>The other problem I am having, is when permissions are set. I want the User login to not have access to view the form design nor view the visual basic code behind the form design. I do want them to be able to update,insert and delete data from and into the tables associated with the forms. I have read that the User permissions must not have the READ DESIGN checkbox checked. I tried this and the user is still able to access the form design and code areas of the form. Any ideas?????<BR><BR>I hope someone can help me and sorry if this is posted in the wrong section but I can&#039;t find any help anywhere else.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    I answered you yesterday. If it&#039;s not working, say so, or if you need a different solution, but it helps if you go back and read the posts to your original thread.<BR><BR>

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