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    Hello,<BR>xcache offers a free tool named XTUNE (they seem to use it as a<BR>promotional product for selling their XCACHE product). <BR><BR>Does any one have experience with XTUNE? Is it worth to install<BR>it and have a look on it? <BR><BR>Ricardo

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    Ricardo:<BR><BR>I am using it on 3 servers (2 NT 4.0 and 1 SBS 4.5 servers - no 2000 serves yet) and see some performance gains. What it does is make some basic metabase/registry changes that Microsoft recommends, but which are difficult for the average user to make. Most of the changes I had made myself based on Microsoft articles, but must admit I missed a couple, which XTune made.<BR><BR>All in all I have found it useful, especially for the price. Plus, they offer a few good links to sites offering other tips/tricks. Now if only someone would do the same thing for SQL Server!<BR><BR>HTH,<BR><BR>Bruce<BR><BR>P.S. Backup your metabase.bin file BEFORE installing XTune. I had 1 box that ended up with a corrupted metabase, but I copied the old metabase.bin file over the new one, reinstalled XTune and it now works fine. Don&#039;t know what caused the corruption, but it&#039;s better to be safe than sorry.

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