I have a frameset that has a left and top frame and a main frame that is in 2 sections.<BR>1)The user logs on, and the default page for the password and userid entered takes them to a page that gives them all of there reg #&#039;s.<BR>2)The links or views in the left frame all are based on the reg # that the user will select; I use a session throughout.<BR>3)I need to NOT ALLOW THE USER TO SELECT, need to disable until, ANY OF THESE VIEWS UNTIL THEY PICK A REG #.<BR><BR>Basically the reg screen, top frame, has a table with a Hot Link, the reg #, and when the user picks one the info pertaining to this is displayed in the bottom frame. They can then pick any of the views which have or could have info about the reg #, accounts, locations, addresses, and so on.<BR><BR>As of now if they pick one of the views before they pick a reg # they will get the bof or eof is true error. I NEED TO NOT ALLOW THEM TO PICK A VIEW UNTIL A RECORD, HOT LINK, IS SELECTED FROM THE REG SCREEN. CAN ANYONE GIVE ME ANY DIRECTION ON THIS? THANKS!!!!!!!!!