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    Morning Forum,<BR>I am looking for advice as much as an answer to my question on this one.<BR>The situation I have is that I have multiple asp pages accessing a Access Db. At the moment all the tables have at most 8000-9000 records in them, and every SQL statement that is passed to the database contains muliple Where clauses that limit the return to at most 100 records. This is all displayed using LOOP , movenext, which doesn&#039;t seem to be a problem, but... we are going to have to alter the way the database is structured so that tables contain up 500k rows, and the number of records returned will be greater (~1000 or so).<BR><BR>Would I be advised to alter the way I return the records to getrows, taking in to account that I have a very tight timescale already ?

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    1. upgrade to SQL server.<BR>2. er... that&#039;s about it...<BR><BR>j

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