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    Patrik Guest

    Default variable to Field.value

    Been wrestling with an issue to in a easyway set a variable<BR>to a DB field.value:<BR>StringVariable = AccesDBstring.Fields("FieldName").Value<BR><BR>Str ingVariable gets some kind of value, I found that out but<BR>I can&#039;t output it.<BR>Why does this not work ??<BR>PLZ Help

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    Nils Bilhorn Guest

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    The value may be null or an empty string. Test with<BR><BR>if Isnull(StringVariable) then<BR> response.write "Is null"<BR>end if<BR><BR>or<BR><BR>if Len(StringVariable) = 0 then<BR> response.write "Is empty"<BR>end if

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    Patrik Guest

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    You hit the nail right on the spot !!<BR>That&#039;s just what it was<BR>Thanx a million :)

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