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    I&#039;m doing an online bible for a church. I&#039;m trying to set it up so you can search by chapter and verse.<BR>How would i write the query, for example, that would show all the records from Matthew Chapter 20 verse 20 to Mark Chapter 1 verse 5.<BR>The fields are Book, Chapter, Verse, ID.<BR>Thanks<BR>

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    Condition for your query<BR>-Your Id coloum should be unique and descending.<BR>-you would execute three queries.<BR><BR>query 1<BR>-To find out the Id of Matthew chapter 20 verse 20.<BR> "select ID from tblname where Book=&#039;Matthew&#039; and Chapter=&#039;20&#039; and Verse=&#039;20&#039;" <BR>-Take this Id in a variable(say firstId)<BR><BR>query 2<BR>-To find out the Id of Mark chapter 1 verse 5.<BR> "select ID from tblname where Book=&#039;Mark&#039; and Chapter=&#039;1&#039; and Verse=&#039;5&#039;" <BR>-Take this Id in a variable(say secondId)<BR><BR>Query 3<BR>Now get the result<BR> "select top &#039;" &secondId& "&#039; * from tblname where ID not in (select top &#039;" &firstId& "&#039; from tblname)"<BR><BR>here<BR>tblname=your table name<BR><BR>You can do this by stored procedure also.

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