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    is it possible to make a generic "include file" statement depending on a database?<BR><BR>example...<BR><BR>&#060;!--#include file="get this from database"--&#062;<BR><BR>i already have a generic page built except for the include statement... thanks in advance!

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    Include file data is put into the page before any scripting is done, you can not modify which include file is going to be inserted. The best you could do is<BR><BR>If something = someanswer then<BR> &#060;!--#INCLUDE file="somefile"--&#062;<BR>else if something2 = someanswer2 then<BR> &#060;!--#INCLUDE file="somefile"--&#062;<BR>end if<BR><BR>each include file being a specific code block. But, you can not control which include file is included from the asp page

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