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Thread: Cookies or Session Variables?

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    James Perry Guest

    Default Cookies or Session Variables?

    I have a multiple forms where I will submit to a SQL DB once the user has completed all forms. What is the recommended practice for storing form data, cookies or a session array? These forms are in succession and collect data from some 115 form fields. Is this to much data for a cookie to handle? I have no intention of storing this cookie beyond the user session and as a test to see it size, it is about 3k in size. I, using a dictionary cookie with name/value pairs.

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    Default 3K should be okay...

    ...either way.<BR><BR>If you have a really, really busy site, then the cookie is almost surely preferable. Else...well, whichever is easier.<BR><BR>

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    peterjl Guest

    Default What about hidden form fields

    I suggest that the best way is to store the intermediate data in hidden form fields. That way you avoid the possibility a session timing out.<BR><BR>Of course there are other issues.<BR><BR>Session vars are more secure, because they are stored only on the server.

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    Default Good point...

    Both cookies and hidden form fields are inherently insecure, since they must be sent back and forth between server and client. Even if you don&#039;t care if the client sees the info, be aware that a "snooper" program listening on the line could see them. <BR><BR>You *could* encrypt either of those, of course. Since you could use a 100% private encryption scheme (no need for a public key since only the server needs to be able to encode and decode), this would be pretty darned secure! At least as secure as https, for example.<BR><BR>

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    James Perry Guest

    Default RE: What about hidden form fields

    I have 13 forms in sucession, that&#039;s a lot of hidden input that I would have to carry from page to page.

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