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    Hi,<BR><BR>My previous post was about me not winning with cookies. Now I have<BR>pinpointed the problem and maybe now you can help....<BR><BR>When I type in: response.cookies("cookiename")("Name") = "David" on page 1,<BR>it works fine, and on the 2nd page, David appears as it should using<BR>response.write request.cookies("cookiename")("Name").<BR><BR>So the cookie is being written and called yeh?<BR><BR>Only when I change page 1&#039;s syntax to:<BR>response.cookies("cookiename")("Name") = request.form("textfield"), it<BR>doesnt work.<BR><BR>So thats the problem, whats the resolution? If you can help that would be<BR>great.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>David<BR><BR>

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    Default Cast to a string

    Response.Cookies("whatever") = CStr(Request.Form("whatever"))<BR><BR><BR>j

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    Default Well...but according to the 'rules'...

    *EVERY* value of the form Request.Form("xxx") or Request.QueryString("xxx") is *always* a string, already. So why would doing the CSTR change anything??? <BR><BR>I&#039;d be interested to know if the CSTR fixes it. I&#039;m skeptical.<BR><BR>

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