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    ok, i have a page and a user is directed to IT from a form.... then, that page processes the information... now it needs to direct the user from here to another page... however, i need to call some information from this page and send it to the other page via POST form... it can&#039;t be querystring because of the information in it... is it possible to automatically make the form submit instead of having the user have to press a submit button? is there a way in javascript to do this? like maybe onload.submitform(nameofform)<BR>(btw i don&#039;t know ANY javascript so that is probably nonsense!)<BR><BR>thank you very much<BR><BR>oh and one more question... i keep getting an error when trying to write to a database that it is a read only object, when the directory&#039;s permissions are set for read script and execute (everything)... and the properties of the database are only archive... this is very strange to me and is happening to me in 2 different situations... what am i not doing??? i&#039;ve used databases on these servers before with no problems... thanks again!!!<BR>

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    &#060;BODY onLoad="document.FormName.submit();"&#062;<BR><BR> That&#039;s all you need!<BR><BR>(Well, that and filling in the data fields of the form...but I guess you will do that with ASP?)<BR><BR>

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