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    Hi All, I am currently getting the subscript out of range error when I&#039;m calling a method from a COM object in a dll. What&#039;s weird is that the calls work fine in two other asp pages. The calls return an ado recordset and I can display the data without a problem. The *&#039;ed lines in the ASP code are causing the error Any help is greatly apprecieated. Email your suggestions to<BR>========================= =====<BR>Dim objNCCUSL<BR>Dim objChair<BR>Dim objMembers_Show<BR>Dim objMembers_NoShow<BR>Dim objMeeting<BR>Dim objDrafts<BR>Dim ObjOther<BR><BR>Dim varCOMID<BR>Dim varEmail<BR><BR>varCOMID = Request("selPersonID")<BR><BR>If varCOMID = 0 then<BR> Response.Write("Error!<BR>A Committee ID of 0 was passed!")<BR> Response.End<BR>End If<BR><BR>Set objNCCUSL = Server.CreateObject("NCCUSL.cWebData")<BR>Set objMeeting = objNCCUSL.getMeeting(CInt(varCOMID))<BR>*Set objDrafts = objNCCUSL.GetDraftsDrafts()<BR>*Set objOther = objNCCUSL.GetDraftsOther()<BR>Set objChair = objNCCUSL.getMember_Chair(CInt(varCOMID))<BR>Set objMembers_Show = objNCCUSL.getMember_Show_Roles(CInt(varCOMID))<BR> Set objMembers_NoShow = objNCCUSL.getMember_NoShow_Roles(CInt(varCOMID))<B R>

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    Default Error probably not from ASP...

    I can&#039;t see how ASP could ever give you a subscript out of range error from *either* of those lines that you indicate. I&#039;d bet it is much more likely that it is your COM component that is throwing that error back to ASP.<BR><BR>I&#039;d suggest that you check for errors in the COM component and (yeah, I know, ugly!) pop up a msgbox on the server if one is detected. Shudder. But...<BR><BR>

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