Hello<BR><BR>If I call a COM method two or more times the properties of that COM object do not hold their values. See the following ASP code:<BR><BR>1***myObj.P1 = &#039;AAA&#039;<BR>2***myObj.P2 = &#039;BBB&#039;<BR>3***for I=1 to 10<BR>4*****myObj.NextVal<BR>5***Next<BR>< BR>From the second loop iteration on, "myObj" returns an error message because "myObj.P1" is set to &#039;&#039; (null).<BR><BR>Further information:<BR>- I write the DLL in Delphi5;<BR>- Those properties are set to &#039;&#039; (null) when the object is instanced;<BR>- The COM is under the MTS.<BR><BR>God blesses(?) all of us<BR><BR>Milton Alexandre<BR>