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    I Apologize in advance if I am posting here in error but I am at my wits end and have no clue how to accomplish the following. I have read then Access 2000 guide and have asked co-workers for help but no one has an answer. If anyone can help me I would GREATLY appreciate it.<BR><BR>I have created a database in access 2000. I want to establish 2 login accounts, one as DBA who will have a password and access to all fields, code and be able to update the design, etc. The other login I want is a general user login with a different password than the DBA and where access will NOT permit the user to view the VB code behind the forms or be able to modify the form designs or table designs. I want the user to have access to update/delete/and insert data into the tables only.<BR><BR>I cannot get the security screen to allow me to enter a password for the user account I created. The default Admin user is the only userid/password that it&#039;s allowing me to set. I am probably not setting this up correctly but I haved exhausted my resources and need some help. Please if anyone can help and is willing to shed some light I will be very very grateful.<BR><BR>Please feel free to email responses to or kindly post a response here. Thank you in advance!!!!!!

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    It&#039;s been 3 years since I&#039;ve worked with Access, so bear with me if I&#039;m fuzzy.<BR><BR>Don&#039;t you have to set up some admin file somewhere, and then set permissions from there? I KNOW it&#039;s something like that, but I can&#039;t remember off the top of my head what it is. You set up groups and the like.<BR><BR>Alternatively, stick the thing up on an NT machine, and deny/grant users that way. For users who are denied, have them log into some web/vb program in a different folder, and have THAT program access the database.

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