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    I&#039;m trying to make an editable Datagrid, using template columns. On the Update sub that is called, it searches the DataGridCommandEventArgs object (In this case, E) for the new text to update the database with. For example :<BR><BR>Dim NewText As TextBox<BR><BR>NewText = E.Item.FindControl("txtName")<BR><BR>Okay, this works fine, the FindControl returns a textbox and assigns it to NewText. However, when I try and access NewText (NewText.Text), it returns the original value of that cell, not the new data that the user typed in! What am I missing? Do I have to bind the data somehow? Is it even possible to access the textbox that the user is typing in, in the datagrid, or is that something that won&#039;t be available until Beta 2?<BR><BR>Thanks.<BR><BR>-Matt

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    Uh<BR>couple of questions<BR><BR>1 - Why do you want to access that value with NewText.Text<BR>when you aleady have with FindControl?<BR><BR>2 - If it were that easy you would not need find control<BR><BR>Tell us a little more<BR><BR>Rob<BR>

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