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    Okay, this is probably going to be a stupid question but...<BR>What is T-SQL? <BR>I know what it stands for but I don&#039;t know what it does or what it is used for.<BR><BR>I have been working with Access for over a year now and am starting to work with SQL. Is this going to be a difficult change? Has anyone else been through this same transition? Difficultly? or with ease?<BR><BR>Anyway, any feedback froom anyone would be appreciated! :)<BR>The more the marrier!<BR>THank you all for the great help!<BR>-Justin

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    T-SQL is the dialect of SQL used by SQL server and Sybase. T-SQL provides more functionality than there is in Jet-SQL. Most of the functions that are present in Jet are also present in T-SQL, albeit in different form in some cases (Cf IIF function with case expressions). So if you haven&#039;t got to far in using advanced Jet features (e.g. transform statements) the transition should be smooth.<BR><BR>

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