Have to find a 'sneaky' way to solve pro

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Thread: Have to find a 'sneaky' way to solve pro

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    Dania Guest

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    Have framed page that [for some unknown reason] loads an extra bottom frame every time you hit the home button. If you hit the home button enough times you can fill the whole screen with bottom frames stacked on top of each other. <BR>I&#039;ve done it all to solve it. Now I&#039;m thinking if getting something in ASP / VB script to refresh the browser when you click home. This will reload the default page and prevent the extra frame(s) from appearing. Can anyone help me with such a refresh on-click script?<BR><BR>Just for interest sake. Can one build such a refresh on a kind of timer to refresh a page every, say, 5 minutes?

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    a Guest

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    Well I wouldnt both with the asp script for when the user hits home, I would sort the problem out.<BR><BR>as for refreshing a page every X seconds use this<BR><BR>&#060;META http-equiv="refresh" content="30"&#062;<BR><BR>the content is how many seconds to wait before refreshing.

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