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    Hi,<BR><BR>I got an idea regarding protection of databases, but we don&#039;t yet have out own server. Does anyone want to try it out? You&#039;ll need desktop access to a winNT/2k server (either direct or pcAnywhere), and an active domain so we can test if we can download from there or not. I&#039;ve tried this out best i can on PWS and it works, so I hope it scales...and it&#039;s horribly simple:<BR><BR>Just hide the file. I can still read/write to it in pws, but i can&#039;t download it any more. Right click the database, choose &#039;hidden&#039; as part of its properties. Thats it! If you&#039;ve already tried this or you try it and get a result, please tell me!<BR><BR>Alan

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    Why not ....<BR>Create a master FTP folder and inside that create<BR>1. www<BR>2. database<BR>3. logfiles<BR>Then map the website to www<BR>and read to the db from database.<BR>The db is then not available through a URL<BR><BR>HTH<BR>Sid

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