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    CapoRegime Guest

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    I have been having difficulty finding a solution to a data-type conversion for an Oracle number (x,x). Each time I reference it, it displays as a 0. Does anyone have any ideas? <BR><BR>Here is some code:<BR><BR>SQL7 = "SELECT sect_total_linear, sect_total_linear_uom FROM space_loc_sect WHERE loc_id =&#039;" & Request.Querystring("loc_id") & "&#039; AND sect_id =&#039;" & Request.Querystring("sect_id") & "&#039;" <BR>Set rs7 = conn.Execute(SQL7) <BR><BR>&#060;%= rs7("sect_total_linear") %&#062;

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    Perhaps a decode() clause in your SQL statement might help. Having trouble trying to figure out exactly what you are doing though.

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    Capo Guest

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    What exactly do you mean by a decode clause? The objective is to retrieve data to display and/or manipulation. The problem is I retrieve only 0&#039;s when in actuality the data is stored 5417236.876 Numbers (x,x) ... ????

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    I use Oracle 8.1.7 Enterprise Edition.<BR>The SQL should work and I have no idea why you can&#039;t do that!!<BR>

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