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    I have an application that consists of an Access 97 db, with a VB6 frontend!<BR><BR>- I need to write an ASP application that will display the contents of the db...... no problem!<BR><BR>- The db (due to company policy) needs to be converted to SQL Server 7.0.... again, shouldn&#039;t be a problem!<BR><BR>However, the VB6 application still needs to be used by administators in order to update (and basically administer) the system.<BR><BR>My query - does anyone have any useful references that will detail any possible problems in converting the Access DB &#062;&#062; SQl, regarding the VB6 functionality!? Life being life, i assume it&#039;s not as simple as *just* changing the connection.... is it!?<BR><BR>Any thoughts much appreciated!?<BR><BR>(and sorry, i know this isn&#039;t strictly an ASP question, but there&#039;s just soooo many knowledgeable people on this forum!)

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    Check out<BR>

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