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    ok, because of a rare circumstance, on our site we need to have a upload section on a different server then the main page and message board... so, it works great except on the main page we call up some records from the database to show what new uploads are in the database.... ok, since the page that shows this, and the database are on different servers, obviously the normal way won&#039;t work and server side include wont work... is there any way to get the information off this server automatically and make it appear on the main page on the other server??? i believe i&#039;ve seen this done somewhere b4 but i don&#039;t remember where.... help is GREATLY appreciated... <BR><BR>this is the site its on, it may help... we need the stuff in the column on the right to come from another server (like new supercross, motocross, baja, and freestyle tracks)....<BR><BR>thank you so much again for your help!!!!

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    If you are trying to get information out of a database on the other server, you can set up a connection from your web server to that database just like you would set up a connection to a database on your web server.<BR><BR>If you wish to get the results of an executed http call, there are several ways to do this. The Microsoft xmlhttp component, for instance, can be used in an ASP script. You can direct it to execute an http request and use the results in your ASP script.<BR><BR>Search for xmlhttp here at 4guys. I think there is an article on it.

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