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    Sharon Guest

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    Good morning, I am trying to convert from a database the date time stamp to exclude the time, so basiclly I want just the date.<BR>I used:<BR>Convert(datetime,dbo.TixArchive.Create_Da teTime,101)<BR>but just doesn&#039;t seem to be correct. Thank for all advice and assistance. <BR>Sharon

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    J Guest

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    try...<BR>CONVERT(varchar(10), DateTimeField, 101)

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    Arjan Guest

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    make a new variable. Try something like this:<BR>newdate = month(yourdate) & "-" & day(yourdate) & "-" & year(yourdate)<BR>now you will get your date/time in a format like 5-30-2001.<BR><BR>Good luck !!! <BR>Arjan Breeuwer (<BR>

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    Daniel Newman Guest

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    Or, within the ASP page, just use a simple:<BR><BR>Response.Write FormatDateTime(objRS("yourdate"),1)<BR><BR>There&# 039;s a lot of options on this one. Check it out at<BR><BR>Daniel

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