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    hi im new to the ASP world. i have no previous experience in programming, but i have managed with the help of a book (learn ASP in 21 days) to build my website. It uses an access database, now currently if i ned to change any details, i have todownload the databasechange a few bits then upload again, for starters its a ball ache, and secondly its not really good is it. so i am wondering if there is some basic help on how to edit the database (which has multiple records and tables e.t.c.) . <BR><BR>I cant get on the internet that often, so i would really appreciate it if you could e-mail me at davo@pugtek.net. <BR><BR>thank you in advance<BR><BR><BR>Davo<BR><BR>http://www.pugtek.net/

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    Hello, <BR>I am still new to ASP myself but this site may help:<BR>http://www.tcp-ip.com/ResourceIndex/Display.asp?cat=ASP+Tutorials%2FDatabase<BR><BR>Th ey have some good tips and tutorials on how to delete and add information to databases.<BR><BR>I&#039;m not sure how familiar you are with ASP but I recently found the "INSERT" & "UDATE" keywords. If you are using databases then you should be familiar with the keyword "SELECT". The "INSERT" & "UPDATE" keywords can be used in place of the "SELECT" to add or delete information from your database.<BR><BR>Sorry I could not be more help

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