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    Heya guys<BR>I posted a database related question on the database forum but no-one is answering. So I ask the question here..<BR>It&#039;s a kinda simple question but I&#039;m new to SQL server and my database administrator just got fired...<BR>How do you create an automaticly genererated number in a column. What kind of datatype must I use (Numeric? nvarchar?)<BR>Well, that&#039;s the question. regards, rainier

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    Use Int Identity field, Set it to Increment 1 under advanced Features. You might also want to set it as your primary key.

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    I have a Sql table with an Incremented field.... at the mo the table is full of test data. When i delete this test data in order to put the DB live, the DB seems to remember the previous entries and continues at the next increment.... i need to reset this to 1!!!<BR><BR>Any ideas How!?

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    i think you have to drop & then recreate the table to start the IDENTITY seed back at 1 - sorry...

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