I&#039;m kind of new to this DB stuff so I would be<BR>greatfull for help. And this is da place to ask for help I found out, great help. I feel I&#039;ve advanced quite fast with the help o this site :)<BR><BR>So ! A quick question about AccessDB preformance.<BR>I&#039;m building an treekind of menu with the help of DB,<BR>I&#039;d like to let users edit the tree so I wana make a "LinkID" instead of href.<BR>Will the preformance be mush better if the Menu DB will be used first and then closed and next the LinkID DB is opend ??<BR>Or !!! Sould I just smack the Menu DB and the LinkID DB together and do the DB connection just to that one DB ??<BR><BR>I hope I made sence :)<BR>Hopin 4 help