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    turar Guest

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    I am getting the following error:<BR>Provider (0x80004005)<BR>Unspecified error<BR>Line 41<BR><BR>The code is:<BR>Line 40: Set OBJdbConnection = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") <BR>Line 41: OBJdbConnection.Open "DSNhere" <BR><BR>I was getting this error before, sometimes mixed with another error saying that i dont have permissions, etc. now I have IUSR_machine having read/write/exe permissions on the database directory as well as on database file, DSN is setup OK, anything i can think of is OK, it would be a real pain to rewrite all database access into DSN-less connections because i developed the whole thing on PWS and now moved to IIS 5 (W2K Server) and this pops up. <BR>Also, everything works if u access the page for the first time, but then if u hit refresh the error comes. Sometimes it works for 2-3 clicks but eventually all pages with DSN access are getting that error.<BR>Help!<BR><BR>

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    Nils Bilhorn Guest

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    Maybe the information on this page is helpful<BR><BR>http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q251/2/54.ASP?LN=EN-US&SD=gn&FR=0&qry=0x80004005%20unspecified&rnk=17& src=DHCS_MSPSS_gn_SRCH&SPR=MSALL

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