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    Hi all. I am trying to get 4 files uploaded on my server from a webpage. <BR><BR>First of all let me say that I&#039;m not concerned with viruses because it&#039;s not on the public domain and only authorised users can access it.<BR><BR>I want to have a .txt and 3 .jpg files uploaded on a specific directory. I&#039;ve tried to find a solution to this from a book but nothing came up. All I could find on the internet was stuff that makes me buy an ASP component or some other software to do the job for me. I don&#039;t have any access to install anything on the server and I don&#039;t want to pay for anything to do this job for me anyway... I only want pure ASP code to do the job.<BR><BR>I don&#039;t want any manipulation of the files (no resizing of images etc). Just get them on the server as they are. Isn&#039;t it possible to simply have the HTML Form send them over and then an ASP page redirect the files to the appropriate directory? Do I have to pay for some program that does it? <BR><BR>Thank you in advance. Take care.

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    see www.aspin.com<BR><BR>j

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